a dialogic process of remembering and forgetting

my playground
* particles
are fun
my playground
and macro

This is the systems of signs

a material more malleable than meaning, in that it lends itself to all systems of equivalences,
to all binary oppositions, to all combinatory algebra.

about me

Why you won't find any resume on this web site.
I believe resumes are not important. People can write whatever they want on resumes. The only way to see what someone is capable of is at work. Also, this is the part about me and should I define myself through my work I would be quite confused about what a human being is.

Therefore, instead of bla, bla, bla about my work here's something a bit different.
I played piano for fifteen years, painted, drew and in 2011 I became vegan.
I find social networks useless (with some exceptions) but I'm still convinced that the Internet has a great potential even though part of it it's already turning into a dull remote control.
What I like or dislike doesn't matter: if you want to start a conversation simply drop me a line.


Sorry, I've had to remove the contact form due to the high amount of spam.
Emailing me it's pretty simple though, just my name (piero) at my domain (phoenixart) dot com-